Jul 23, 2013

    Malaysian police bust gun-hire gang

    THE Malaysian police have busted a gang which had been renting out guns for between RM500 (S$200) and RM1,000.

    Among the three suspects nabbed was a 15-year-old school dropout. The other suspects were a man and a woman, both aged 29. A fourth suspect managed to escape, but the police have identified him and are in the process of tracking him down.

    The seizure of two pistols, a fake gun, a Taser and several rounds of ammunition during a raid on a house in Kelantan on Sunday is expected to help the police solve a series of shooting incidents in the state.

    The pistols are a Colt Super Automatic .22 Magnum and a Unique Mikros Modelle. The fake gun is a Baby Hi-capa 3.8.

    State police chief Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said the police forensics team would determine the ballistic capability of the guns and whether they matched recent shootings, including two separate cases involving two teachers.

    The proximity of border towns Rantau Panjang and Sungai Golok to Thailand makes it easy for smugglers to bring in any type of firearm, including M16 assault rifles.

    Datuk Jalaluddin said the Kelantan police have seized five pistols and an M16 rifle so far this year, compared with six pistols last year and nine in 2011.