Jun 05, 2013

    Malaysian detained for alleged royal insult

    A WOMAN has been detained for allegedly insulting Malaysia's king on Facebook.

    A Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) spokesman said the woman was detained yesterday.

    "We have successfully tracked and detained the suspect, who was said to have insulted the Yang Di Pertuan Agong on Facebook," he said in a statement.

    "The suspect, who is female, was detained to assist in investigations."

    The spokesman added that the woman might be charged under the Sedition Act.

    The alleged insult seems to have been made during the King's birthday speech last Friday, in which he appealed to Malaysians to accept the May 5 election results.

    Screengrabs of a Facebook profile belonging to Ms Melissa Gooi with the alleged insults have been found online, The Malaysian Digest reported.

    Among other dismissive comments written by her friends was a post apparently by Ms Gooi: "I puked all my dinner, lunch, and bfast (breakfast)..."

    The MCMC said it is requesting the woman's friends to come forward to assist in further investigations.

    It said it viewed seriously the abuse of social media to upload content or comments containing elements of insult, especially against the monarchy.

    Meanwhile, a Singaporean man convicted of defaming Thailand's monarchy has been released from jail after receiving a royal pardon from the Thai King.

    Lawyer Arnon Nampa said yesterday that the man, who uses the Thai name Wanchai Tan, was freed from Bangkok Remand Prison.

    The Singaporean tour guide, who has lived in Thailand for more than 30 years, was convicted of insulting the monarchy by distributing defamatory documents about the King during political protests in 2009.