Aug 14, 2013

    Malaysia on the hunt for drug kingpins

    WITH drugs being the main cause behind most crimes committed in Malaysia, police are now focusing on hunting down drug kingpins.

    Masterminds of local drug syndicates were among 6,142 drug traffickers detained between January and June this year.

    Crime Prevention Department director Ayub Yaakob said the key to winning the war against drugs was to cut the supply at its source.

    "Getting the kingpins is top priority besides widening the sweep of drug dealers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur," he told The Star yesterday.

    The Star reported last Saturday that the spate of recent shootings in the country was mostly linked to revenge and turf wars by gangs to control drugs and illegal activities.

    Commissioner Ayub said patrol units under the Crime Prevention Department were now mapping out crime hot spots, based on the types of crime and frequency of occurrence. He said this would enable policemen to be strategically deployed to areas where they were most needed.

    Police mobile-patrol vehicles and motorcycle patrol units are under the department.

    Datuk Ayub said curbing house break-ins was also high on the department's agenda.

    He said the department, which has 7,000 personnel, would focus on combating and preventing crime on land during its inaugural year, adding that the marine unit and the air unit would also come under the department's purview soon.

    Federal Narcotics Department director Noor Rashid Ibrahim said stopping the supply of drugs, including going after the drug lords, would indirectly reduce street crimes: "As drug addicts are involved in street crimes such as snatch thefts, the smashing of drug rackets will result in fewer crimes."