Look where you park or face paying a fee

WHEEL-CLAMP ZONE: Residents of units 196 to 196G in Jalan Mas Puteh installed signs last year, including a wheel-clamp warning, to deter non-residents from parking in front of their homes.


    Aug 06, 2013

    Look where you park or face paying a fee

    IF YOU plan to stop for a meal at eateries along Jalan Mas Puteh, off West Coast Road, you may want to avoid parking on a stretch of the road in front of eight houses.

    If you do, don't be surprised if you find yourself having to fork out $500 to have a wheel clamp on your vehicle released - a penalty imposed by the residents of the terrace houses.

    The 20m stretch directly in front of units 196 to 196G functions as a service road.

    The road is privately owned by the residents, who last year banded together to install four signs. Some installed closed-circuit TV cameras too.

    Residents told My Paper that, for years, they have had to put up with parked vehicles which blocked the entrances of their homes.

    One resident who wanted to be known only as Mrs Lim, 66, said she has lived in her house since 1988.

    The retiree told My Paper: "What if there's an emergency and we can't get our cars out of our homes?"

    While she "closed an eye" to the situation for more than two decades, she said it was the other residents who decided to stand up for their rights.

    The residents contacted the authorities, including the Land Transport Authority, and were told they could "implement traffic schemes that they deem fit".

    They collectively decided on the $500 wheel-clamp penalty for unauthorised parking. To date, about five car owners have had to pay the release fee.

    In the latest incident last Saturday night, Mr V. Khan, 24, was made to pay up after he parked his car in front of unit 196 to buy dinner.

    Mr Khan, who works in the oil and gas industry, told My Paper: "I want to know what the residents do with the money; $500 is not a small sum."

    He added he was not shown any legal documents to prove the land was indeed privately owned and was only handed a handwritten note as receipt for his payment.

    Residents My Paper spoke to said the penalty fees collected go towards a "maintenance fund".

    Mrs Lim said: "We are not uncompassionate. If you have a good reason for parking here, like a flat tyre, for instance, we will not clamp your wheel."