Aug 22, 2013

    Japan brewers up Asia output

    MAJOR Japanese beer brewers are stepping up production in Asian countries at a time when the already enormous Asian beer market continues to grow.

    Beer consumption in Asia, where European brewers are already active, accounts for more than one third of total global consumption.

    Japanese breweries are hoping their reputation for high-quality beer will give them an edge in their efforts to increase their Asian market share.

    This month, Kirin Holdings started consignment production of its popular Kirin Ichiban brand in Thailand. It may also market the beer in Vietnam and Indonesia.

    Sapporo Holdings intends to strengthen its sales in neighbouring countries and increase its annual production in Vietnam.

    Asahi Group Holdings is producing beer in Thailand and Malaysia.

    These companies hope to capitalise on Asia's rapidly growing consumption, particularly China and Vietnam, which have seen double-digit growth for several years.