Husband kicked out for online post

CRAZY FOR KELLY: A British man commented online that he would leave his family for one night with lingerie model Kelly Brook.


    Nov 04, 2013

    Husband kicked out for online post


    A BRITISH man who gushed over photos of lingerie model Kelly Brook online found out the hard way that thoughtless online posts can lead to real consequences - such as being kicked out of your home.

    After posting in the comments section of the Mail Online that Brook is "so sexy, I would leave my wife and kids for one night with her!", he was criticised by other users and his comment was voted down by many, Britain's The Mirror reported.

    Unfortunately, one of the readers was his indignant wife, who wrote: "My idiot husband forgot his comments are linked to his Facebook account.

    "You don't deserve our beautiful kids and I hope your brother has room on his sofa because I'm having the locks changed."