Aug 05, 2013

    Hundreds rally against Thai government

    HUNDREDS of Thai protesters gathered in Bangkok to rally against the government and divisive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday, amid worries over the potential for fresh unrest in the politically-turbulent country.

    Brandishing Thai national flags as well as the yellow emblem of the country's monarchy, demonstrators milled around food carts and memorabilia stalls set up at the protest site in a central Bangkok park.

    Organisers of the self-styled "People's Army" rally - a coalition of ultra-royalist and nationalist groups - addressed the crowd from a stage, calling for an end to the current government and slamming its self-exiled figurehead, Thaksin. Thailand has been riven by political tensions since the overthrow of Thaksin, who lives abroad but still draws loyalty among the kingdom's poor, rural working class.