Oct 08, 2013

    HK journalists kicked out of Apec meet

    ASIA-PACIFIC Economic Cooperation (Apec) host Indonesia yesterday denied stifling press freedom after withdrawing the credentials of nine Hong Kong journalists for shouting questions at Philippine President Benigno Aquino, insisting that they had posed a security threat.

    Despite protests from the Hong Kong Journalists' Association, Mr Aquino's spokesman said the journalists had "crossed the line" by questioning the leader aggressively about a 2010 hostage siege in Manila that left eight Hong Kong people dead.

    The journalists were free to remain in Bali, but could no longer access the media centre or venues being used for the summit of the Apec forum, the official said.

    As Mr Aquino entered a meeting of Apec business leaders on Sunday, the reporters demanded to know whether he would meet Hong Kong leader Leung Chun Ying in Bali and apologise to the families of the hostage-crisis victims.

    TV footage showed the journalists shouting: "So you're ignoring the Hong Kong people, right?"