Jun 18, 2013

    HDB to test Super Wi-Fi for surveillance

    A NEW wireless-broadband technology, nicknamed "Super Wi-Fi", will be tested by the Housing Board from the end of next month. The technology allows the HDB to perform real-time video surveillance for lifts in HDB blocks, rooftop security and carpark enforcement.

    Currently, such surveillance for these purposes is hard to carry out. To do so, an Internet connection is required to send videos recorded on cameras.

    But this can be tough for HDB blocks due to the limited reach of normal Wi-Fi.

    However, Super Wi-Fi has a longer reach. Therefore, it can allow cameras to go online to send images in real time. This could improve the efficacy of surveillance for, say, lifts in HDB blocks.

    Currently, camera footage is retrieved manually.

    HDB's Super Wi-Fi test, announced yesterday by the Singapore White Spaces Pilot Group, is one of several new pilot projects for the wireless technology.

    Super Wi-Fi works on unused television-broadcast frequency bands - known as TV white spaces - for wireless-broadband use.

    The pilot group - formed last year by the Institute for Infocomm Research, Microsoft Singapore and StarHub - aims to pursue commercial pilot projects using TV white spaces and related technologies.