HDB to test mechanised carparking

PARK MORE CARS: Changi Village Road is one of three areas in the pilot scheme for mechanised carparks.


    Oct 07, 2013

    HDB to test mechanised carparking

    THE Housing Board will be testing a system that can automatically park cars in public housing estates. If successful, it could potentially help ease the parking crunch in Singapore.

    The mechanised system will be piloted in three areas: Bangkit Road, Yishun Avenue 4 and Changi Village Road. A tender will be called at year end and the project is slated to be completed by the end of 2015.

    This is the first time a mechanised parking system is being implemented in HDB estates.

    The plan was announced yesterday by Ms Lee Bee Wah, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for National Development, who was touring the Bangkit Road pilot site.

    Mechanised carparks generally work by first moving the car into a car lift. The system can then automatically "park" the car by lifting it up to be slotted in a free space, which could be directly above another car and beside others.

    National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in a blogpost that as car ownership rises, carpark shortages become a problem in HDB estates.

    "We have raised the norms for carpark provision in new estates. For old estates, we are adding new carpark lots where land is available. This is however not always possible," he said.

    Noting that members of the GPC for National Development and HDB had completed a study on mechanised carparks, the Government decided to test them out as the three pilot sites have "severe parking shortages but there is no space to add more carpark lots".

    The study started in January last year.

    HDB said that due to the more complex design of mechanised carparking systems, the cost of installing and maintaining mechanised parking is higher than that for multi-storey or surface carparking.

    But for the pilot, HDB gave the assurance that it will keep parking charges for the mechanised carparks at the same rate as existing carparks.

    HDB added that through the pilot, it would evaluate the suitability of mechanical parking systems, gauge users' acceptance of the system and learn from the pilot, before considering rolling it out to more areas in the future.