Nov 04, 2013

    Hackers group hits Philippines govt websites


    A GROUP of hackers claiming ties with international activist group Anonymous defaced Philippine government websites yesterday, calling for support for a planned anti-corruption protest in Congress this week.

    Calling themselves Anonymous Philippines, the group posted on its Facebook page a list of sites it had defaced with a message seeking support for a protest demanding the abolition of "pork-barrel funds" - money activists say is used for political patronage.

    "We apologise for this inconvenience, but this is the easiest way we could convey our message to you, our dear brothers and sisters who are tired of this cruelty and this false democracy, tired of this government and the politicians who think only about themselves," read a message on the defaced websites.

    The attack on Philippine websites occurred after the Singapore Government received a threat on Thursday via a YouTube video put up by someone claiming to be part of Anonymous.

    On Friday, a section of The Straits Times website was hacked by The Messiah, a hacker who claimed to be part of Anonymous. That was the fourth time the hacker attacked websites in Singapore since September.

    On Saturday, the websites of several government ministries and agencies went down for several hours.

    The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore said there was "planned maintenance" of government websites then.