Get fortified with calcium supplements

LOAD UP ON CALCIUM: Calcium helps build strong bones and fortify teeth. Inadequate calcium intake can lead to osteoporosis. Make sure you get enough of the mineral by taking supplements.


    Jun 25, 2013

    Get fortified with calcium supplements

    CALCIUM helps build strong bones and fortify teeth.

    But it also has other positive effects, such as on blood pressure.

    Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, can be found in some foods.

    According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, symptoms of calcium inadequacy, also known as hypocalcemia, include numbness and tingling in the fingers, convulsions, lethargy, poor appetite and abnormal heart rhythms.

    If left untreated, calcium deficiency can even lead to death.

    Over the long term, inadequate calcium intake can lead to osteoporosis.

    The risk of bone fractures also increases, especially in older individuals.

    There are a few groups of people who are at risk of developing hypocalcemia.

    Post-menopausal women, individuals with lactose intolerance and vegans are most likely to suffer from calcium deficiency.

    The decrease in estrogen production during menopause leads to the breaking down of bone and decreased calcium absorption.

    People who are afflicted with lactose intolerance are also at risk of hypocalcema as they have to avoid dairy products.

    In the Oxford cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, it was found that vegans had a higher risk of bone fracture than others.

    This is likely due to their lower mean calcium intake.

    The easiest way to avoid all these problems is to ensure one is getting enough calcium.

    It's an easy fix, since supplements are easy to find.

    Look for those like Live2Move with Algaecal, made from powdered marine algae which washes up on the pristine shores of South America.

    There, it is harvested live, then cold processed to retain its nutritional value.

    The marine plant draws calcium and 70 other minerals from seawater and is so body-friendly that 97 per cent of AlgaeCal calcium goes into solution in 30 minutes.

    The algae is certified organic, and Live2Move's capsules ($50 for 90) are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, as well as easy to swallow.

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