Jun 26, 2013

    Father and daughter bond over litter

    Engineer Michael Toh, 39, takes his eight-year-old daughter, Evelyn, with him to monthly litter-picking events organised by Nee Soon South Community Centre.

    My Paper asked the pair what keeps them going.

    What made you decide to take your daughter to these litter-picking events?

    Mr Toh: I took my daughter to my company's corporate social responsibility event at East Coast Park when she was four or five years old. She really enjoyed it.

    When Nee Soon South Community Centre started its litter-picking events, we joined in.

    The events keep the environment clean and benefit residents.

    What do you get out of the events?

    Mr Toh: Evelyn is my only child. So, the events are a father-daughter bonding thing. My wife accompanies us occasionally.

    Evelyn, do you like going to these events? Would you encourage your friends to pick up litter?

    Evelyn: I like to pick up litter. When I grow up, I will take my kids to pick up litter too.

    When friends ask me why they should pick up litter, I tell them to imagine that there are no cleaners here and everyone litters. What would Singapore look like then?

    They usually start to pick up litter from that point on.

    What is the one thing you want to tell your fellow Singaporeans?

    Mr Toh: Keeping the environment clean will benefit residents here. Rather than letting Singapore become a place where we need others to clean up after us, we should take ownership of our own surroundings.