Ex-lovers trade barbs in 'sperm' lawsuit

CLAIMANT: Bosnian Ervin Ahbabovic, 41, is seeking damages from his former Malaysian girlfriend, 29, for using his sperm to have "better offspring" from European stock.


    Sep 05, 2013

    Ex-lovers trade barbs in 'sperm' lawsuit

    A BOSNIAN permanent resident in Malaysia is seeking damages from his former girlfriend for using his sperm to have "better offspring" from European stock.

    But his former girlfriend has come out to refute his claims, and accuse him of abusing her while they were together.

    Mr Ervin Ahbabovic, a 41-year-old commercial director of a private limited company, stated that he lived with the 29-year-old Malaysian woman some years ago and they had a baby boy in 2010.

    He and the woman later separated but Mr Ahbabovic now claims that he was being treated like a "tool" for the woman to have better children, thanks to his "superior" sperm.

    In the statement of claim made available to the press yesterday, he said he had a relationship with the woman in hopes of getting married one day. He also claimed that the woman's sexual desire and dominance went beyond what was normal.

    "She demanded to have sexual intercourse six times a day, with each session lasting approximately one hour," he stated.

    He is seeking relief of RM600,000 (S$233,000) for the use of his sperm for the purpose of getting a child in the wrong manner, and for the woman to recognise him as the father in their son's birth certificate.

    The woman dismissed his claims.

    "I have better genes than him. He always would claim that he was superior," she told The Star in an interview.

    The entrepreneur, who did not wish to be named, also claimed that Mr Ahbabovic abused her physically and emotionally for years.

    "He beat me up and disconnected me from everyone until I recovered so no one would see my injuries," she said.

    "He is a sociopath. He will make you believe that he's a nice guy," she added.

    She has not allowed her son to see Mr Ahbabovic, saying: "Nobody should expose his or her child to a maniac like him."