Oct 02, 2013

    Eureka! Baby for infertile woman

    A NEW technique that coaxes an infertile woman's ovaries into producing eggs again has resulted in the birth of a baby in Japan, international scientists said on Monday.

    A second woman has also become pregnant using the same method, according to the study in the Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences, a US journal.

    Researchers caution that the technique is still in its early stages, but could offer hope for young women whose ovaries are no longer producing eggs.

    This condition, known as primary ovarian insufficiency, affects about 1 per cent of women and causes the ovaries to stop working before the age of 40.

    The research took place in Japan and involved 27 women with primary ovarian insufficiency. Their average age was 37. All had stopped menstruating nearly seven years earlier on average.

    Five developed mature eggs, which the researchers harvested for in vitro fertilisation using the sperm of the women's partners.

    One woman received two embryos and carried a single pregnancy to term, with the birth done by C-section as the foetus was in a breech position.