Jul 24, 2013

    Crimes in Malaysia now more violent

    THERE is an increasingly worrisome trend of violent crimes in Malaysia resulting in grievous harm, said psychologist and criminologist Geshina Ayu Mat Saat.

    While victims were just deprived of their valuables in the past, they now face the danger of sustaining heavy injuries and even death.

    Women walking alone are popular targets, as shown by the case of obstetrician Delaila Ahmad, whose thumb was cut off by snatch thieves in front of her polyclinic in Subang Jaya last Tuesday.

    In an e-mail interview with The Star Online, Dr Geshina said: "There is a distorted cognitive justification for this (sort of) violence: When in pain, a victim is less likely to chase after (attackers), take down licence-plate numbers or provide meaningful information about the attackers."

    Onlookers are also more likely to help wounded victims, instead of chasing after the culprits.

    Safety activist and expert K. Bala cautioned against oversharing information on social media.

    He said: "The more people share a criminal's modus operandi on Facebook, the easier it is for others to learn how to commit the perfect crime.

    "Posting your story on Facebook doesn't contribute to official statistics. While it's good to tell people what happened to you, the exact details should not be shared as they might give other people ideas."

    He added that young perpetrators are likely to surf the Internet for "inspiration".