Jul 01, 2013

    Cop met sultan's brother months before Sabah intrusion

    A MALAYSIAN police officer met a brother of self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III two months before the February intrusion into Sabah by followers of the sultan, which led to the deaths of over 70 people.

    The meeting between former Sabah Special Branch deputy chief Zulkifli Aziz and Mr Esmail Kiram suggested that much planning had gone into the intrusion, and that it was possibly aided by people in the territory.

    At least one Malaysian police officer is suspected of aiding the Sulu sultanate's plan to take over Sabah by withholding information about it, and it was during the officer's trial - which began last Monday - that Mr Zulkifli testified to contacting Mr Esmail Kiram prior to the intrusion.

    The Special Branch officer, Hassan Ali Basari, is being tried for withholding information about the intrusion from investigators.

    He was arrested in late March after it was found that he had learnt about the plan for the intrusion into Tanduo village, in Lahad Datu, but did not inform his superiors.