Nov 06, 2013

    Bolt's Beijing diet: 1,000 McNuggets


    CHICKEN nuggets fuelled Usain Bolt's sprints to three gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he revealed in his autobiography, which will be released soon.

    The world's fastest man - who won the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at the Beijing Olympics and again at last year's London Games - said he ate as many as 100 Chicken McNuggets each day to make up for the large amounts of energy he burned in training, The Mirror reported.

    The newspaper reported that Bolt found Chinese food "odd". He started with a box of 20 nuggets and ended up eating 1,000 after 10 days in China, according to his book, Faster Than Lightning.

    "At first, I ate a box of 20 for lunch, then another for dinner," stated the 27-year-old.

    "The next day, I had two boxes for breakfast, one for lunch and then another couple in the evening. I even grabbed some french fries and an apple pie to go with it."

    The monotonous diet got a bit too much for the athlete, who then turned to french fries and apple pies for variety.