Big wins at My Paper giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS: Mr Ng Kong Fei won an iPad at the My Paper Great Give Away, held at One Raffles Place last Friday.


    Jul 08, 2013

    Big wins at My Paper giveaway

    LITTLE did information-technology officer Ng Kong Fei know that last Friday was going to be a big day for him.

    He was heading to work when he picked up a copy of My Paper and saw an ad for the My Paper Great Give Away.

    Later in the day, the 30-year-old would end up as one of the biggest winners at the giveaway, which was held at the Pyramid space at One Raffles Place from noon to 2pm, and again from 5pm to 7pm.

    Then, My Paper gave away three sachets of Ah Huat White Coffee as well as a copy of My Paper to some 3,000 people.

    Additional prizes were given to those who pressed a button on the side of an Ah Huat coffee truck at the event.

    Readers were also encouraged to yell "Huat ah" ("To prosper" in Hokkien) when they pressed the button.

    Prizes included movie vouchers, bouquets of flowers and limited-edition Ah Huat premiums, such as umbrellas, mugs and trolley bags.

    Mr Ng ended up taking home an Apple iPad. He had looked for the My Paper Great Give Away around noon, but had decided that the line - which snaked around the square - was too long. He joined the queue only after lunch, not expecting to win anything.

    "I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the iPad after I pressed the button," said Mr Ng.

    Readers were spotted coming in pairs and even groups. They were excitedly comparing their prizes after redeeming them from the truck.

    Administration executive Annie Lim, 34, was one My Paper fan who was excited about the giveaway, which she discovered from ads in My Paper.

    "I read the paper every (weekday) morning," she said.

    She headed down to the event at lunchtime with her friend, accounts executive May Tan, 45.

    The giveaway was jointly organised by My Paper and Ah Huat White Coffee.