Be more considerate in the loo, says cleaner

WINNING SMILE: Madam Lim Ai Lee, a toilet cleaner, won a Restroom Association award last year.


    Jun 26, 2013

    Be more considerate in the loo, says cleaner

    MADAM Lim Ai Lee, 78, is a toilet cleaner who has worked at Queenstown Polyclinic for 20 years.

    She starts work at 7am and ends her work day around 4pm.

    Although most people would balk at the idea of spending much of the day in a public toilet, she does her job with a smile.

    Madam Lim won a Let's Observe Ourselves (LOO) Award from the Restroom Association last year.

    If there is one thing she would wish for, it would be for visitors to the toilet to be more conscientious about cleanliness.

    "If I could have one wish, it would be for them to be more considerate," she said.

    She has seen toilets splattered with vomit and faeces, and has encountered too many toilets that had not been flushed, she said.

    She also wishes that people would wipe their hands properly after washing.

    Flicking water on the floor makes it slippery, and shoes are more likely to leave marks too, she said.