Jul 09, 2013

    Asians more likely to shop on a whim

    ASIAN consumers are more inclined to shop impulsively and pay extra for designer goods than people from other regions, according to a study by market-research firm The Nielsen Company.

    Forty per cent of shoppers from the Asia-Pacific region say they often buy things they don't need on a whim, compared to about a third of global respondents, it found in a survey of more than 29,000 online consumers in 58 countries.

    Sixty-one per cent of Asians are prepared to spend more on designer goods than for similar unbranded items, exceeding the global average by 17 percentage points, according to the researcher.

    "Indians and Chinese are among the most-impulsive and brand image-driven shoppers," it said in the report, which was obtained by Bloomberg News.

    With clothing and shoes, design is the most important purchasing factor for about half of the respondents from the Asia-Pacific region, the researcher said. North American and European consumers are driven mainly by price.

    Almost a third of Asian shoppers get information about jewellery and clothing online, whereas their counterparts from other regions depend more on visits to stores, the study showed.

    The survey was conducted between Aug 10 and Sept 7 last year and polled claimed purchasing behaviour. No margin of error was given.