Are wedding 'convoys' like this legal?

WEDDING ESCORT: These Team Diversion motorcycle enthusiasts, who look like the Traffic Police, are riding in a convoy for a wedding - a "service" the group provided for a token sum.


    Jun 12, 2013

    Are wedding 'convoys' like this legal?

    THEY appear in droves, their Yamaha motorcycles flanking a wedding car.

    It makes one think that the convoy is guarding a VIP who is being shuttled to and from a wedding venue, especially because the motorbikes bear logos that look like that of the Traffic Police.

    Here's the catch: Those bikers aren't cops.

    Last week, three YouTube videos of such motorbikes escorting wedding cars caught the attention of netizens.

    Stomper J. Tan, 18, submitted some screenshots of the videos to Stomp last Friday. In his post, he asked: "Does Singapore's Traffic Police allow this? Impersonation of police officers in Singapore?"

    It turns out that the riders are from Team Diversion Singapore, a motorcycle-enthusiast club. Club members filmed the videos and even directed online viewers to the group's Facebook page. The page has since been deleted.

    The police have since issued a statement, inviting the public to come forward and lodge a police report.

    This is so that "the police can look into the matter and determine if an offence has been disclosed".

    When contacted, Team Diversion member Dickson Ng told My Paper: "We are just a group of bikers who ride Diversion 900 motorbikes."

    A friend of Mr Ng had approached them to ride in a convoy for a wedding. It then grew into a "service" that the group provided for a token sum, said Mr Ng, a taxi driver.

    "All we wanted to do was provide unforgettable memories for wedding couples," the 46-year-old said.