Dec 28, 2012

    News with treats for My Paper readers

    MY PAPER readers were given sweet treats to accompany their daily dose of news last Friday, with 1,500 pairs of Marigold jelly handed out together with the newspaper.

    Readers got to savour two flavours - peach and aloe vera - while they read Singapore's first bilingual freesheet.

    The jellies and newspapers were snapped up in under an hour during the late-morning giveaway above Raffles Place MRT station.

    Young professionals My Paper spoke to said they enjoyed the newspaper's unique mix of English and Chinese content, as well as its diverse range of articles and features.

    Marketing specialist Fernn Tan, 28, said: "Some articles give the English or Chinese translations of words. That helps me, as I do a bit of translation in my job."

    For information-technology manager Ben Tan, 35, he dives into the business section whenever he picks up a copy of My Paper.

    The snappy coverage provides him with a sufficient overview of financial happenings, said Mr Tan.

    Finance administrator Maimunah Amin, 38, said that she would not be eating the jellies just yet. "My children always buy the orange flavour. I'll be taking these new flavours home for them to try," she said.