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Yahoo CEO glams it up on Vogue

ELEGANT: Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer, 38, reclines with a tablet device in a stylised photo shoot for Vogue's September issue.


    Aug 19, 2013

    Yahoo CEO glams it up on Vogue

    MS MARISSA Mayer, the chief executive of Yahoo, has appeared on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune and other business magazines.

    But, next month, she will grace the pages of a decidedly more chic publication: Vogue.

    The 38-year-old, who is already a celebrity in Silicon Valley circles, was featured in a stylised photo shoot befitting a Hollywood star.

    Reclining backwards on a shapely piece of furniture, she gazes into fashion photographer Mikael Jansson's camera, tossing back a tablet device. Journalist Jacob Weisberg writes in the article: "She is an unusually stylish geek."

    "Mogul, Mother, Lightning Rod" reads the teaser headline on the cover of Vogue's closely watched September issue, which weighs in at 902 pages.

    This is not the first Vogue appearance for Ms Mayer, who has long embraced her glamorous side. In 2009, when she was still working at Google, the magazine photographed her holding a laptop computer.

    That year, she was also featured in Glamour magazine.

    Other female executives have also been featured in glossy magazines in recent years.

    In 2008, Ms Erin Callan, then chief financial officer of Lehman Brothers, appeared in the now-defunct Conde Nast Portfolio.

    Though Portfolio was a business title, the accompanying photo shoot highlighted Ms Callan's elegance, depicting her emerging from an apparently chauffeured car. A large photograph of her ran with a Wall Street Journal article that year, with a caption that said she was known for being "frank" and "fashionable".

    In May this year, Ms Marianne Lake, the chief financial officer of JPMorgan Chase, was photographed for Marie Claire magazine in a black sleeveless top.

    But the latest Vogue feature on Ms Mayer emphasises an angle that sometimes makes powerful women in business cringe: Fashion choices.

    An accompanying slideshow takes readers through a hypothetical week for the CEO, narrated through dresses, shoes and accessories.

    On Monday, for example, an appropriate item might be a Balenciaga floral jacquard full-skirt dress, which sells for US$4,903 (S$6,230), according to the article. On Friday, a suitable choice might be Bulgari flower cat-eye sunglasses, for which the price is "upon request".