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    Oct 08, 2013

    Want to cut down on wine? Here's how

    RUNNING out of ideas on how to persuade a wine lover to consume in moderation? You could start with how the drink is poured.

    In a joint study by Iowa State University and Cornell University, researchers found that when participants poured wine while holding the glasses aloft, compared to glasses placed on a table, they were more heavy-handed.

    In fact, those who lifted the glasses when pouring the wine added 12 per cent more alcohol, according to AFP Relaxnews.

    The study also found that the size and shape of the glasses mattered. When glasses were wider, for example, participants poured nearly 12 per cent more wine into their glass, said AFP Relaxnews.

    White-wine lovers tended to pour 9 per cent more wine into their glasses, compared to those who preferred red. It was thought that people are more likely to notice the amount of red wine poured into a clear glass, due to its striking colour.

    In conclusion, people who want to control their wine consumption should drink red wine in a clear glass and pour it with the glass on the table, not in their hand, said researcher Brian Wansink.

    A total of 73 college students of legal drinking age who drank at least one glass of wine a week were recruited for the research.

    The students had to pour themselves a normal serving of wine at several different stations, said AFP Relaxnews.