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    Jun 11, 2013

    TripAdvisor plans for more mobile freebies


    TRIPADVISOR, now the world's second-most-downloaded travel app after Google Earth, plans to push more free mobile resources to travellers.

    Already, 31 million people have downloaded its suite of Trip

    Advisor, City Guides and SeatGuru apps on their smartphones or other mobile devices, to help them plot journeys on a little screen.

    Said TripAdvisor founder and chief executive Stephen Kaufer: "We think (going) mobile is an opportunity to revolutionise the way folk interact with information at the destination."

    Its City Guides app, for instance, may be used offline at your destination without incurring roaming fees.

    Each guide presents itineraries curated by experts, maps, reviews of attractions, a "Point Me There" feature that guides travellers to places using the GPS in their device and a journal that can be shared on Facebook.

    Mr Kaufer said: "From our perspective, that's just the beginning. I would love to ask my phone more questions about what I should do, buy tickets on the phone, make reservations for dinner or use it to meet friends who are in the same city or who live there."

    TripAdvisor is not fully there yet, but is banking on mobile and social-media technologies to broaden horizons.

    After all, travellers - enamoured with mobile devices - have voted with their fingertips.

    Last year, mobile phones and tablets each accounted for 10 per cent to 15 per cent of total sessions on TripAdvisor. The number of unique visitors using mobile devices has doubled since 2011.