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Smart packaging lets products talk to you

SECOND LIFE: Puma's The Clever Little Bag is an example of reusable packaging. The substitute for the traditional shoebox can be repurposed for grocery shopping or as an everyday bag.


    Sep 03, 2013

    Smart packaging lets products talk to you

    Smart packaging - technology that enables consumers to connect with and communicate better with products - is the latest development in the South Korean packaging industry.

    Mr Shim Jin Kie - director of the Korea Packaging Center, a state-run research-and- development centre for packaging - shares his views on the latest trend with The Korea Herald/ Asia News Network.

    What is smart packaging?

    Technology (that) creates products and packages which are easy and convenient to use.

    For example, some packages will be built with technology that talks to users about product information, such as how to use (the product) and how many days are left until the expiry date.

    What products have the centre developed?

    We started a project that makes talking packages four years ago and they are now being tested. You place your smartphone near (the package) and a voice will tell you the product information.

    There's a new medical-pill bottle that has an easy cap on it. The new cap features a pointy device inside that cuts the aluminium foil of the bottle when one twists the cap.

    Universal design not only protects the content inside the bottle, but also enhances customer convenience.

    How can we achieve sustainability in packaging?

    There are two ways to it. One way is not using toxic and unsafe materials in production, and the other is to make packages reusable.

    The industry is moving towards sustainability. It uses fewer natural resources while producing more appealing and convenient designs.

    What are other benefits of innovative packaging design?

    New packaging technology will also benefit companies.

    For instance, through talking packages, one can trace the journey of products from store shelves to consumers, which will help companies manage their supply chains.