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    Aug 13, 2013

    Ramsay's more than just a shouty TV chef

    GORDON Ramsay plans to open two more restaurants in London this year, one of them with former footballer David Beckham. This is a good time to consider the chef's impact on gastronomy.

    "Gordon trained some of the best British chefs," said restauranteur Jason Atherton, who created Maze for Ramsay, now 46, in 2005.

    Mr Atherton, 41, split with Ramsay in 2010 to open Pollen Street Social, which has won multiple awards and a Michelin star.

    He intends to open a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates and a tapas-style restaurant in Sydney. These follow Commune Social and Table No. 1 in Shanghai; and Pollen, Snacks, the Library Bar and Esquina in Singapore.

    But the best-known Ramsay protegee is chef Angela Hartnett, 45, who bought Murano from Ramsay, and amicably split with her mentor after 15 years.

    With successful TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef and Kitchen Nightmares, you might think Ramsay has little time for restaurants. Not so.

    Aside from establishments in Las Vegas and other cities under his name, he plans to open two restaurants in London, where he owns Bread Street Kitchen, Foxtrot Oscar, Gordon Ramsay, Maze, Maze Grill, The Narrow, Petrus, Plane Food, Savoy Grill and York & Albany.

    Union Street Cafe, of which Beckham will be co-partner, is scheduled to open next month, with a focus on seasonal ingredients from the Mediterranean.

    London House is scheduled to open before the end of the year in Battersea Square.

    These days, it's easy for people to think of Ramsay as just a shouty TV chef. But there's much more to him than that.