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    Jun 28, 2013

    Move over, women, as more men hog the mirror

    MEN ask their wives and girlfriends all sorts of things.

    The one thing one doesn't hear often is this: "Honey, can I borrow your make-up?"

    But, if recent evidence is any indication, it may soon be.

    In a study of the grooming habits of 1,800 British men aged 18 and over, approximately one in 10 said they wear make-up. Of those, one in five wears make-up every day.

    Concealer was the most popular make-up item, which 71 per cent of those who wear make-up admitted to using. Other popular make-up items were eyeliner and lip gloss.

    British men are not alone. Several articles about the growing popularity of make-up among men in South Korea have been published recently. Even South Korea's largest airline, Korean Air, has started providing make-up lessons for its male flight attendants.

    In fact, men around the globe are spending billions of dollars on everything from cosmetics and make-up to clothing and plastic surgery. In South Korea alone, men are spending over 1 trillion won (S$1.1 billion) on grooming products annually, according to Euromonitor International.

    It has also been found that some men spend more time each day on personal grooming than women.

    A 2010 study of British adults' grooming habits found that the men surveyed spent 83 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning, moisturising, shaving, choosing clothes and styling hair. In contrast, the women surveyed spent 79 minutes.

    That means some British men spend four times longer on grooming than they do having sex each week.

    And, contrary to popular belief, men are just as unhappy with their appearance as women, and in some cases more unhappy, according to recent research.