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    Jun 28, 2013

    Kwok finds meaning in movie roles

    There'll be no rest for "Heavenly King" Aaron Kwok this year.

    Before the 47-year-old singer-actor - who recently starred in Christmas Rose and Cold War, and was at the recent Shanghai Film Festival - gets a real break, he'll be jet-setting around Asia to promote his upcoming movies, The Monkey King and Silent Witness.

    He spoke of his plans after this hectic period.

    Your friend, Charlie Young, made her directorial debut recently with Christmas Rose. When will it be your turn?

    In 2008, I met director Roy Chow while filming Murderer and he gave me a lot of pointers, which made me think that, perhaps some day, I could be a director too.

    But, because of my schedule - concert tours, movies, motor racing - I'm really just too busy (to direct).

    This year, my focus is on movies. I'd really like to do a musical too. I'll just see which opportunity comes up first.

    If you could choose a type of character to portray in a movie, what would it be?

    I'd like to be a race-car driver or a horse-racing jockey. These are the two hobbies that I enjoy in my free time.

    Will there be a part three to your De Showy Masquerade World Tour concert?

    If time allows, yes, I do hope to have another touring concert.

    I've already done parts one and two of the tour. I personally feel there can be a conclusion to it.

    But it depends whether my management agrees.

    Is there another image of yourself that you'd like to show your fans?

    As a racer, because racing is also a profession.

    I rarely have time to do my part for charity, so participating in charity racing events is a good opportunity to do my part to help the needy.

    In 2000, I set up the Aaron Kwok International Charity Fund to help needy children. I was also appointed Unicef Regional Ambassador for the East Asia and Pacific region in 2011.

    So no matter how busy work gets, I have this responsibility and I hope to raise more funds for these children. This is also another long-term job that I have.

    Do you prefer to act in dramas or action movies?

    I think one must always try to excel, be it a concert or a movie. (And) I must do something that I've never done before.

    The reason I love to do movies is that I can walk in the same footsteps as the characters that I play.

    Every work to me must be an improvement, because I must always find ways to give meaning to my life.

    And movies have the ability to do that.

    Catch Aaron Kwok in Cold War on Now Baogu Movies (StarHub Ch 861) at 9pm on Sunday. Spotlight Aaron Kwok, an interview with the singer-actor, is on Now TV on Demand (StarHub Ch 837).