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Japan mums learn to turn babies into sleeping beauties

CREATIVE: Creating a scene with your sleeping baby and daily items, like this piece featuring a baby as a ketchup bottle squirting ketchup on an omelette, is a great way to enjoy time with your child.
Japan mums learn to turn babies into sleeping beauties

CUTE: Sleeping-posture art, like this piece titled Hit The Bad Tooth, features napping babies with cleverly arranged items.


    Aug 27, 2013

    Japan mums learn to turn babies into sleeping beauties

    PEACEFULLY napping babies are being transformed into art by their mothers, who take pictures of their children with cleverly arranged household objects.

    A workshop for nezo (sleeping posture) art was held in Tokyo recently, attended by nine mothers with babies less than a year old. The art form involves creating a scene with daily items, such as clothes and accessories, which add charm to a sleeping baby.

    Helsinki mother Adele Enersen came up with the idea in 2010 and posted her art on the Internet, drawing attention worldwide.

    Some of her works were compiled in a book, published in Japan by Futabasha Publishers as Oyasumi No Maho: When My Baby Dreams, at the end of last year.

    Since then, the art form has become popular in Japan, and workshops are being held nationwide.

    Pictures are supposed to be taken while babies are sleeping, but some participants struggled to keep their babies still as they began crawling or crying.

    "It's OK if they're awake," said artist Nao Mori. "Interesting pictures can be taken with babies who are awake, too. But if babies don't want to, don't force them to be in a picture."

    A woman, 40, who joined the event with her five-month-old daughter, said: "It seemed easier than I thought it would be. I rarely go outside due to the heat these days, so I'd like to try this at home while she's taking a nap."

    Event organiser Maami Okayama, 38, said: "This is my first time holding such an event, and I got good feedback. This (art form) will become popular as a way for mothers to enjoy time with their babies."