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    Jul 30, 2013

    Get covered

    CHECK out this option from Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore, which can help ensure sufficient funds are available to meet the increasing costs of educating your children:


    This is a limited premium payment endowment-savings plan designed with a high savings element. It provides you with guaranteed payouts to cover yearly tuition fees and expenses.

    Whichever college you pick for your child, be it a local or overseas one, the plan pays a guaranteed College Expense Benefit to take care of the expenses.

    This plan not only secures your child's tertiary-education fund, but also his future financial security.

    When the plan matures, the Child Maturity Option allows your child to purchase a new whole-life or endowment policy, for up to the sum assured of the matured policy without further medical evidence.

    You can also add waiver-of- premium riders on both parents' lives and have absolute peace of mind knowing that, whatever happens to you or your spouse, your child will have the funds to attend the university he chose.

    All benefits and features are subject to terms and conditions.