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    Jul 16, 2013

    Get covered

    INTERESTED in legacy planning? Here are options - both are single-premium, participating whole-life plans - from Tokio Marine (TM):


    This plan offers high lifetime-guaranteed insurance cover in the event of death, with immediate liquidity even from the start of the policy.

    It gives the assurance that the financial security of the policy owner's loved ones is secured and, at the same time, offers him the flexibility in managing liquidity needs without compromising his legacy planning.

    The growing policy values throughout the term of the policy further accentuates asset accumulation. Understanding that some may want to leave a financial legacy to a young child in the form of an insurance plan, Tokio Marine has made this plan available to all between one and 70 years old.


    This plan offers a guaranteed lifetime monthly income after five years from the policy inception as well as immediate liquidity from the start of the policy.

    Issued on a guaranteed-acceptance basis, this plan is designed to meet financial-security and wealth-transfer needs.

    All benefits and features are subject to terms and conditions.