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Don't just grow a Mo, move more as well

KEEP ON TRUCKIN': Movember co-founder Adam Garone rocking The Trucker moustache.


    Nov 04, 2013

    Don't just grow a Mo, move more as well

    MOVEMBER is here again and moustaches have started sprouting up in the name of championing men's health.

    But, this time, the Movember movement is taking a more active stand, literally, with its newest extension - the Move initiative.

    It is intended to encourage people to make a commitment to move by hosting or attending an active event - such as running or swimming - or making a month-long pledge, said Movember co-founder Adam Garone.

    "You might say sitting is the new smoking. The more you sit, the poorer your health," he told My Paper.

    Research suggested that men who sit more than six hours a day have an 18 per cent increased risk of dying from heart disease and a 7.8 per cent increased chance of doing so from diabetes. This is as opposed to someone who sits for three hours or less a day.

    The annual global campaign - which aims to champion men's health and raise funds for prostate-cancer survivors - is in its 10th year, after it was born over a beer one Sunday afternoon in 2003.

    In fact it started as a joke between Mr Garone, now 42, his brother, Trav, and friend, Mr Luke Slattery, about bringing back moustaches.

    But later, inspired by a friend's mother who was raising funds for breast-cancer causes, they decided to turn that random idea into a meaningful campaign to raise awareness of men's health and prostate cancer.

    The novelty of sporting a Mo, or moustache, might have faded. But the campaign is still growing from strength to strength, raising nearly $152 million for prostate-cancer and mental-health causes, with 1.1 million participants worldwide.

    To keep things buzzing, a new theme is developed each year.

    The game plan this year? To get more young adults on board, with the theme GEN MO - a play on the terms Gen X and Gen Y. Mr Garone aims to inspire a new generation of participants - called Mo Bros and Mo Sistas - to join the movement in a positive protest.

    "GEN MO stands for change and the change we stand for is changing the face of men's health," he said.

    Back in Singapore this year for the second time, Movember will again be teaming up with the Singapore Cancer Society, with hopes to meet or better the over 2,000 Singaporean participants it had last year.

    To stay true to the theme, "Sticker Lady" Samantha Lo and celebrity Paul Foster have offered their support, representing the young adults here.

    Movember is also working closely with Sultans of Shave, We Need A Hero, Hounds of Baskervilles and Panic Room, which offered complimentary and discounted shaves last Thursday and Friday to mark the start of the campaign. All proceeds go to the Movember foundation.

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