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    Dec 03, 2013

    Dec 31 deadline to sign up for GST vouchers

    SINGAPOREANS eligible for GST vouchers have until Dec 31 to sign up for them, said the Ministry of Finance yesterday.

    Those eligible for this year's GST voucher - Cash and GST voucher - Medisave need to sign up to receive the payments.

    Only Singaporean residents who do not own more than one property and whose homes have an annual value of $21,000 or less as at Dec 31 of last year are eligible.

    For the cash voucher, applicants must be aged 21 or above this year, and income earned in 2011 as assessed by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore must not exceed $24,000.

    For the Medisave voucher, applicants must be aged 65 and above this year.

    Singaporeans can call 1800-2222-888 for more details on the two vouchers. They can sign up online at or complete a form at any community centre, Community Development Council or CPF Service Centre.

    All forms must reach the CPF Board before Dec 31.

    No sign-up is necessary for the GST voucher - U-Save. Singaporeans can call 6671-7117 for more information.

    The Government has disbursed about $862 million in cash and Medisave vouchers as of end-October, as part of the GST Voucher scheme announced in last year's Budget.

    GST vouchers - U-Save, given out four times a year, directly offset utilities expenses of households. About $45 million worth of these were given out in October.