Yummy, Norwegian scores viral hit with nasi padang song

IMPRESSED: Audun felt nasi padang is a good representative of Indonesian cuisine.


    Oct 17, 2016

    Yummy, Norwegian scores viral hit with nasi padang song


    EARLIER this month, Indonesian netizens were actively sharing a music video by Norwegian singer Audun Kvitland Rostad.

    The song is an ode to one of the country's most popular dishes, nasi padang.

    Audun, a music and sound designer for films, runs a sound studio called Ambolt Audio with his friend and colleague, Jorgen Meyer, in Norway.

    His interest in Indonesia began five years ago when he bought a Lonely Planet guide on Indonesia.

    "I sat down with my friend, Petter Heggen, who was my travel mate on this trip and we were discussing which places in the world we should travel to.

    "After comparing pictures, testimonies, blogs and climate reviews, we ended up in Indonesia," Audun reminisced.

    He and Petter set off for Indonesia in July this year and spent three weeks exploring Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Ende, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

    "For me, the rice terraces looked really stunning.

    "It's like arriving in a different planet," Audun said.

    After Bali, he and Petter travelled to Lombok and Labuan Bajo, where komodo dragons made a great impression on them.

    "We did some tracking on Rinca Island and were lucky enough to see three or four komodo dragons. Powerful experience and slightly frightening when one came walking straight towards us," said Audun.

    But he was most impressed by Indonesian food.

    "Nasi padang was my favourite because of the unique combination of tastes and different dishes with big variety.

    "I'm also a fan of spicy food which made the chilli combination very good," Audun said.

    "When I visit a country, I enjoy tasting local foods, and I feel nasi padang is a good representation of Indonesian cuisine," he added.

    Audun never expected the overwhelming popularity of his now-viral nasi padang video.

    "I had never dreamed of this kind of response, and I am very flattered that people seem to like it."

    He recalled talking about the nasi padang meal with an Indonesian friend, and made a joke about making a song about it.

    Five minutes later, he came up with the opening of the new song.

    "I thought it would be a fun idea as my love for the food is genuine at the same time," he said.

    The musician has made the nasi padang video available on YouTube and the song free for download on Soundcloud and iTunes.

    Fans can also stream the song for free on Spotify.