You can now get Frostbite in Malaysia with 'cool' cookies



    Mar 11, 2016

    You can now get Frostbite in Malaysia with 'cool' cookies

    A CAFE in Malaysia is making the old-fashioned cookie cool again.

    In fact, the idea is to eat the cookie ice-cold, by first dunking it in liquid nitrogen.

    This latest craze to hit the Klang Valley is the brainchild of four friends, who wanted to create a dish inspired by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

    The British chef is known for his molecular gastronomy techniques.

    "We discovered this frosty treat while watching food videos online and were immediately drawn to it," said co-creator Brian Lee. "We couldn't sleep until we found out how to produce similar effects with food that we make in our kitchen."

    The treat, called Frostbite, is sold only at the OW:L Espresso in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Two sets are available, at RM13 (S$4.30) and RM17, the latter of which comes with macarons.

    The tray arrives with a metal flask containing liquid nitrogen. Simply grab a cookie, dip it in liquid nitrogen and munch on it semi-frozen while you breathe out cold smoke like a dragon in winter.

    Do note, however, that an eight-second dunking rule is applied here.

    "To dunk it for less than eight seconds would produce less vapour, and dunking it for more than that would freeze the cookies, although it would create a lot of vapour," said Mr Lee.

    The initial contact with the cold cookie takes a little getting used to but exhaling that first breath of vapour is fun.

    Customers are encouraged to breathe with their mouths slightly open, as it would reduce the chance of the cookie sticking to their tongue.

    Then, there is the question of health and safety when it comes to liquid nitrogen.

    But the people behind Frostbite said they have taken that into consideration.

    "Using liquid nitrogen in food is practised all over the world. The boiling point for liquid nitrogen is about -196 deg C and, in our current room temperature, it would evaporate almost immediately, making it safe for consumption."

    But consumers should still be cautious when handling the material.

    "Dining with liquid nitrogen is as basic as dining at your favourite steamboat restaurants.

    "You generally do not dip your fingers into or ingest the boiling hot soup. So do treat our liquid nitrogen as you would treat hot oil," he added.

    Currently, Frostbite offers only cookies and macarons with liquid nitrogen, but that may soon change.

    "We are planning to introduce popcorn, meringues and perhaps even a beverage to go with it," said Mr Lee.