You can be a coffee Maestria too


    Jan 24, 2014

    You can be a coffee Maestria too

    Nespresso Maestria coffee machine

    COFFEE-CAPSULE machines of various makes have flooded the market due to a spurt in popularity in recent years.

    Nespresso, one of the earliest and most pervasive brands, has been launching one model after another to maintain its edge.

    The latest model - the Maestria - provides a professional touch with the addition of a steam pipe which is used to create a light milk froth, similar to what is usually found in professional machines used by retail coffee outlets.

    Two retro-looking dials at the front enable more precise calibration of the cup length, whether it is an espresso or lungo drink.

    A pivoting cup stand also lets users change the recipe type and size according to their preferences.

    Compared to older models, Maestria has a larger tank capacity of 1.4 litres and a bigger used-capsule container that can store up to 14 capsules.

    For those wanting to be a barista, a kit comprising a cocoa sprinkler, a milk jug and a microfibre cleaning cloth is available. And, for iced recipes, there is an added option of a shaker.

    The Maestria is available in red.

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