This year is Kidman's 'toughest ever'

BRINGING CHEER: Kidman before a special screening of her new film, Paddington, for children being treated at the Sydney Children's Hospital yesterday.


    Dec 09, 2014

    This year is Kidman's 'toughest ever'


    AUSTRALIAN film star Nicole Kidman has described this year as her toughest, saying the sudden death of her father in Singapore had left her family in "so much pain".

    In Sydney for the premiere of her new movie, Paddington, the Oscar winner said her close-knit family were "hunkering down for Christmas" without her father, Antony.

    "I will look back at this year as one of the toughest years our family's ever gone through - I mean, the toughest ever," she told Sydney's The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

    Dr Kidman, a clinical psychologist, died in Singapore of a heart attack as he was visiting daughter Antonia and her family in September.

    "I talk about it because I like to keep him alive, in a way," his famous older daughter said. "Even though you talk about it, you're still in so much pain. So, yeah, as a family, we're still in a lot of pain.

    "As any family knows, when you've had a huge loss, it makes you tighter, you have to also protect each other."

    Kidman has also had a bumpy year on screen, with last month's thriller, Before I Go To Sleep, her worst large-scale opening, earning just over US$2 million (S$2.7 million) after a wide release across 1,935 cinemas.

    In that movie, she plays a woman suffering from chronic amnesia who wakes up every morning with no recollection of her life from her early 20s onwards.

    Its weak opening marked another disappointing flop for Kidman after Grace Of Monaco, which was booed at the Cannes festival earlier this year and savaged by critics.

    Kidman said she chose to make the movie Paddington because she wanted something her daughters with singer Keith Urban - Faith, three, and Sunday, six - could enjoy.

    "There's nothing like sitting in the premiere of a kids' film, where you hear them all laughing," she said.