Sep 25, 2014

    Will Psy move to Shanghai?


    PSY, whose real name is Park Jae Sung, has been frequently spotted in Shanghai with his family, sparking speculation that he may move to China.

    "Psy and his family often appear in Shanghai, so there was a rumour that they may move here," a resident of the city was quoted as saying.

    "Actually, he hasn't moved here yet. I heard that he occasionally comes to China to learn the culture and language. Even his children have been learning Chinese with him," another resident was quoted as saying.

    The 36-year-old singer, known for his hit song Gangnam Style, has twin daughters with wife Yoo Hye Yeon.

    Hallyu experts said the Korean Wave has spread throughout China thanks to idol groups, and that combined with Psy's popularity could create great synergy.

    Psy topped Chinese social-media website Weibo in 2012 within just three months of creating an account. He had the most followers among Korean celebrities. Although his popularity was high in China then, he concentrated on his work in the United States at that time.

    Psy's management agency, YG Entertainment, will hold its first concert in China next month.

    Psy's activities there may be part of the entertainment agency's strategy to move into the Chinese market, after chief Yang Hyun Suk announced that YG would dominate the fashion and entertainment markets there.