'WikiLeaks founder' in new Asterix comic

PROPAGANDA WAR: The Asterix comic has an Assange-inspired character.


    Oct 15, 2015

    'WikiLeaks founder' in new Asterix comic


    ASTERIX and his friend Obelix are once again poised to set the Roman empire on fire with the global release of a new opus that sees them team up with a journalist modelled on Julian Assange.

    After their last escapade in Scotland, the boisterous Gauls will be back in their homeland in Asterix And The Missing Scroll, fighting alongside a reporter inspired by the real-life WikiLeaks founder to counter a propaganda war launched by their Roman foes.

    The 36th edition in the hugely-successful Asterix series, which features the adventures of an indomitable tribe of Gauls resisting Roman occupation, will be released on Oct 22, in countries like Brazil, India, the United States and Australia.

    On the side of the "goodies", Confoundtheirpolitix will be introduced for the first time as a journalist who works for the Condatum Echo.

    "Julian Assange was a model for this character," said writer Jean-Yves Ferri, adding Confoundtheirpolitix was almost called Wikilix, in reference to the website known for revealing top secret documents.

    The new opus comes two years after the Gallic duo re-emerged from an eight-year absence in Asterix And The Picts, which sold over 5.4 million copies in 15 countries and more than 20 languages and dialects.