Who's afraid of catching bug from Clinton? Fallon

GAG: Host Fallon wore a surgical mask for an interview with Mrs Clinton, who was recently diagnosed with pneumonia.


    Sep 20, 2016

    Who's afraid of catching bug from Clinton? Fallon


    THE host of one of the United States' most popular late-night television shows wore a surgical mask to interview Hillary Clinton, taking a dig at the Democratic presidential candidate who was recently diagnosed with pneumonia.

    "Welcome, welcome, thank you so much," NBC quoted Jimmy Fallon, presenter of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as saying, as he put on a mask.

    Mrs Clinton laughed at the skit and gave him a high five, after which he jokingly applied hand sanitiser, NBC reported.

    The episode will be aired on Monday night, US time (Tuesday, Singapore time).

    She was diagnosed with pneumonia ahead of a Sept 11 memorial ceremony in New York.

    Instead of resting, the 68-year-old presidential hopeful continued to work and appeared wobbly at the event, fuelling speculation about her health. As few people knew of her diagnosis, she was criticised for a lack of transparency.

    Her campaign then released a letter from her doctor describing her condition as mild, and painting an overall picture of good health.

    After three days of rest, she returned to the campaign trail on Friday.

    The popular TV host was criticised by some for being too lenient with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during an interview last week.

    It was described as an extended on-air puff piece, filled with the same sort of polite give-and-take a late-night host reserves for an actor on an obligatory promotional tour, the Huffington Post reported.

    Throughout the interview, Fallon was predictably non-confrontational and willing to work with whatever Mr Trump gave him, said the report.

    He did his popular impression of Mr Trump's speaking style, ribbed him right and left and concluded his interview with a request. "Can I mess up your hair?" he asked.

    Mr Trump grinned and agreed, and Fallon mussed his hair with a vigorous rub.