White hot pop star

FLAUNTING IT: HyunA sizzles in her music video for her new single, Red. She said she likes the colour red as it gets her into a good mood.


    Aug 14, 2014

    White hot pop star

    ASK men what caught their eye about the Gangnam Style video, and the testosterone-driven answer would likely be HyunA, the scene-stealing guest star of Psy's viral video.

    They could have also gone gaga at her bodacious curves, provocative dance moves and signature sultry pouts in her titillating solo numbers Bubble Pop (2011) and Ice-Cream (2012).

    Whatever the case, we would not be too surprised if you do a double take at the 22-year-old bombshell's latest nosebleed-inducing visuals.

    Gone is the coquettishness - now it is just full-on sexy, in a timeless Kylie Minogue kind of way.

    The gorgeous member of all-girls K-pop quintet 4Minute recently released her new EP, A Talk. Along with it, there is a stunning music video for her lead single Red, which impressively chalked up more than five million views on YouTube in two weeks.

    US celebrity website Popdust calls HyunA "K-pop's No. 1 Hottie" and with good reason.

    She truly embraces her sexuality, and flaunts it with utmost confidence.

    Ahead of A Talk's launch, the porcelain beauty shared her career ambitions unabashedly in an interview with K-pop news site

    "I hope to become a brand. I hope that when you think of HyunA, you will think of the word 'hot'," she said.

    "My make-up and styling help me give off a sexy yet healthy vibe. I exercise a lot too.

    "Normally, I project a youthful image but, this time round, I will show a more mature side of myself."

    Prior to A Talk's release, she teased fans with photos designed to send imaginations running amok.

    In one picture, HyunA sits in a bathtub, giving the impression that she is wearing nothing but her earrings, blue heels and bright-red lipstick.

    In another, clad in a white mini-dress with a deep scoop at the back, she kneels seductively on a wooden table, like a pussycat on the prowl.

    No wonder popular Korean news website Soompi likens her to "a dangerous Snow White".

    The second batch of pictures shows HyunA dressed in her favourite colour - red. Probably no coincidence that Red is also the title of her new single.

    Standing in front of a full-length mirror, she holds her hair alluringly and looks every bit the sassy, fiery vixen she hopes to portray.

    "Red is a passionate and strong colour," she explained to allkpop.

    "It's meaningful to me. It's a colour that I've liked since my debut (in 2007). Every time my songs came in at No. 1 on music programmes, I was wearing red.

    "I get into a good mood when I look at the colour red."

    The video for Red is far more sophisticated and textured than her previous efforts, Bubble Pop and Ice-Cream.

    The latter two provided a sugar rush of eye candy, in your face and centred on getting an ample view of HyunA's ample cleavage, toned midriff and legs.

    Red is different, while still heavy on startling visuals.

    HyunA still sports a slew of eye-popping outfits. A super skin-tight golden metallic bunny outfit, a figure-hugging black dress and jumpsuits figure prominently.

    There are lots of props, including enormous lipsticks, giant bananas and lots of monkeys.

    Yes, HyunA seems to have an obsession with monkeys, both real and fake. Her dancers put on monkey masks and, at the end of the video, she even hugs a real monkey while she is topless. It is not known if the monkey chewed off her shirt.

    It is three minutes of fascinating kitsch glory and looks like something that could come out of a collaboration between Minogue and Goldfrapp - the eclectic British duo who once made a bizarre video featuring humans with dogs' heads.

    As HyunA told US K-pop news site, she gets her inspiration from contemporary art.

    "I enjoy looking at photo books. I am fond of modern art. As I prepared for this album (A Talk), I searched for pop art and photos that stood out. When I'm looking at these cool images, time just flies by."