Mar 18, 2014

    What to look for in a sports bra


    FOR better support, the band around the bottom of the bra should be wide rather than narrow.


    It should sit against the chest wall underneath the breasts and be a snug fit, which means it should not slide up if you raise your arms.


    Wider straps would provide better distribution of weight for larger-breasted women.


    The straps should not stretch too much to reduce the up-down movement of the breasts.


    Choose a sports bra which is made of a material that can wick away moisture from your skin.


    To prevent chafing around the armholes, shoulders and below the breasts, select seamless material, covered seams or those with rolled edges.


    Make sure your sports bra fits snugly, without any wrinkles and crinkles. The whole breast should sit inside the bra so that it is held against the chest. The material should be firm enough and not too "stretchy" to provide good support.

    Information provided by Dr Teoh Chin Sim, senior consultant and director of the Sports Medicine Centre at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and plastic surgeon Karen Sng at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre