What the CNBlue boys look for in a partner

FAMOUS IN CHINA: South Korean CNBlue's members (from left) bassist Lee, frontman Jung, guitarist Lee and drummer Kang.


    Jan 07, 2016

    What the CNBlue boys look for in a partner

    SOUTH Korean pop rockers CNBlue are fast becoming the blue-eyed boys of Chinese showbiz.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    The quartet, made up of lead vocalist and frontman Jung Yong Hwa, 26, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, 25, bassist Lee Jung Shin and drummer Kang Min Hyuk, both 24, have found fame not only on their home turf but also in China.

    The band has made special appearances on China's popular variety programmes, Day Day Up and Happy Camp.

    Jung emerged an Internet sensation of sorts on microblogging site Sina Weibo.

    In December 2014, it was reported that just six weeks after Jung set up a Weibo account to interact with his Mandarin-speaking fans, he was a trending topic on the social media platform no less than 20 times.

    Last September, CNBlue recorded their debut Mandarin hit single Cinderella, which was used as the theme song of South Korea-China-produced action comedy flick Bad Guys Always Die.

    While Cinderella does not deviate from the group's trademark groovy rock sound and punchy choruses, the language was a challenge for Jung.

    "Learning a new language isn't easy. However, I enjoy learning Mandarin and I had great fun recording the Mandarin version of Cinderella," he told The New Paper.

    "I'm not fluent in Mandarin yet but I'm happy that I am (now) able to communicate directly with my fans in Mandarin.

    "I learn a lot more by frequently watching Chinese variety shows and interacting with fans on Sina Weibo."

    Jung might just show off his Mandarin at the band's concert in Singapore next month.

    CNBlue, who last performed here in 2014, will be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Feb 13. Jung staged his first solo concert here last May.

    "We are happy to spend Valentine's Day with our Singapore fans," said the guitarist. "The fact that we are performing our music to fans on such a good day is very romantic in itself."

    He added: "Singapore fans can expect to see sides of us they don't usually see (on TV).

    "We will be doing a medley together using just our voices, no instruments."

    When asked about their ideal partner, the four eligible bachelors each had a different description.

    Jung said: "I tend to like girls who are nice and good-natured."

    Kang said he preferred "someone whom I feel comfortable with when we are together".

    Bassist Lee likes "feminine girls who are cute" while the older Lee is looking for a someone "who is mature yet fun to be with".

    The Korean version of Cinderella is in the band's second album 2gether, released last September and which is available on iTunes.

    Unlike many K-pop idol outfits who have no creative input in their studio releases, the frontman, guitarist and bassist are heavily involved in the music composition and production.

    All 11 tracks on 2gether are penned by the trio.

    "The inspiration for our songs comes from everyday life," said Jung.

    "We write down minor things we see or hear on a regular basis.

    "If good melodies pop into our head, we save them and fine-tune them in our studio when we have time."


    2016 CNBlue Live Come Together In Singapore is happening on Feb 13, 7pm, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are priced from $118 to $268 at Sports Hub Tix (