Wellness comes in neat packages

SHARED GOALS: Gym-goers using kettlebells at Ritual Gym in North Canal Road.


    Mar 06, 2014

    Wellness comes in neat packages

    IT'S easy to say that you want to become healthy and fit, but trying to find the right wellness plan could well stymie your best intentions.

    First, you need to find the right gym. Then, decide on what diet to follow.

    And where to find a doctor who can give you good advice. Or a nutritionist, a physiotherapist or even a yoga instructor.

    Apart from big wellness centres like COMO Shambhala and Veritas Spa, more independent health-related businesses are joining forces to offer one-stop holistic programmes to make the transition to good health a logistical breeze.

    Take Mr Ian Tan - co-founder of Ritual Gym - who has a personal interest in exploring all healthy avenues, apart from his specialist fitness centre.

    Since he started Ritual early last year with his partners, Mr Tan has come across other small outfits with a similar vision of providing quality health care and services.

    He has since teamed up with physiotherapists, local eateries and even a small family-owned American shoe company which makes minimalist shoes that help keep your feet healthy, to create a network of services for his clients, mainly Singaporeans or expatriates working in the Central Business District.

    Their programmes have already gained traction, says Mr Tan, adding that their list of seven restaurants serving "Ritual style" meals - served with more vegetables and less carbohydrates - will soon double due to interest from eateries as well as clients' demands. It's basically a value-added service for clients, as the gym stands to gain only more awareness, explains Mr Tan.

    "Since we're interested in this, why not point people in the right direction so they don't have to waste time learning about this stuff on their own," he reasons.

    Sharing his views is Ms Adeline Tan of LINS Smoodees, who started her green smoothie business in 2010 and recently teamed up with local clinical and holistic nutrition company Biotailor, as well as certified yoga instructor Johnson Anand Saurabh. Together they are planning a programme called the LINS Energy Detox Series, in line with Ms Tan's ultimate goal to be a concierge to her clients and help them find the services they are looking for, since there is a limit to what she can provide.

    "It's out of passion," she explains. "I was always driven by 'kaypoh-ness' to make referrals and recommendations, because people were always coming to me and asking where to get this or that done."

    Lifestyle and food concept Afterglow started off as a vegetarian deli but has now expanded to even organising a yoga farm tour this month which will take place at local organic farm Quan Fa.

    "When we talk to customers who come in and mention they do yoga and things like that, we thought why not tie everything together?" says Carmen Low, co-founder of Afterglow.

    "People are genuinely interested in these things, which are sorely lacking in Singapore."

    According to Ms Low, their community started with the intention of making a healthy lifestyle accessible to people, while at the same time expanding their own clientele.

    "Because everybody knows that if you just focus on being a vegetarian place, you will alienate a lot of people. And I want people to actually like coming here," she explains.