Mar 13, 2015

    Watch boasts 8GB of storage space, but...

    PLANNING to get the Apple Watch and use it as a portable music player? You may want to reconsider after reading this article.

    Apple news site 9to5Mac said the iPhone-maker told it that all three collections of the Apple Watch - Watch, Sport and Edition - will ship with 8GB of internal storage space.

    On paper, the Apple Watch boasts more internal storage space than its Android counterparts, which generally have half the storage capacity. Even so, users can store only up to 2GB of music and 75MB of photos on the Apple Watch.

    To put that into perspective, 2GB of storage space allows you to load approximately 200 music files of decent quality, while 75MB can store about 100 photos.

    The remaining storage space on the gadget is likely reserved for the operating system and preloaded apps.

    At the moment, apps are mainly stored on the iPhone and their interface can be projected on the Apple Watch.

    True native apps stored on the Apple Watch will be available only later this year with the arrival of the gizmo's software development kit.

    The Apple Watch will go on sale in nine countries on April 24 with pre-orders starting on April 10. Singapore is not among the launch countries, but the Apple Singapore website said the gadget will be available this year.