Vivian Hsu ties the knot with Indonesian beau in S'pore

NEWLYWEDS: Hsu, 38, married Mr Lee, 36, on Tuesday, a little more than a week after their engagement.


    Feb 07, 2014

    Vivian Hsu ties the knot with Indonesian beau in S'pore

    SHE had reportedly got engaged to her Singapore-based, Indonesia-born boyfriend in Taiwan on Jan 25.

    According to the Taiwanese media, they were supposed to tie the knot in June.

    So it came as a surprise when news broke that Taiwanese beauty Vivian Hsu, 38, married her 36-year-old businessman boyfriend, Mr Sean Lee, in a low-key wedding at a hotel in Singapore on Tuesday.

    Veteran Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, 58, revealed he was one of the wedding guests.

    Another source close to Hsu's manager also confirmed the wedding.

    Over the phone on Tuesday, Yam told The New Paper: "The wedding ceremony was a cosy, intimate affair attended only by the couple's close friends and family. Vivian did not want too many people to know about it so it was kept very private. I went there to congratulate her."

    The affable Yam, who was also in town to attend a Canon Chinese New Year reunion lunch, added: "Vivian is a big, gorgeous beauty. I'm very happy for her that she got married and I wish her happiness and bliss in her new marriage to a good husband."

    It is believed that Mr Lee, the chief executive of Singapore-based marine logistics group Marco Polo Marine, started dating the actress in April after she began filming Sex Agogo, a romantic comedy he invested in.

    Hsu, who is known for being extremely low-profile about her love life, has been romantically linked to Taiwanese celebrities Nicky Wu and Van Ness Wu, as well as Japanese rock star Sugizo.

    Hsu and Mr Lee had dated for just seven months before they were spotted in a Vera Wang bridal boutique in Taiwan in November.

    The couple celebrated their engagement two weeks ago with a dinner at a restaurant near Hsu's Taipei home.

    Mr Lee is divorced, with two daughters from his previous marriage, but Hsu has said in past interviews that she "does not mind".

    She said: "He is filial like me, loves his family and is very responsible."

    Yam declined to divulge more details of the wedding ceremony here, but said: "Vivian mentioned that she will be living in Singapore after her wedding, so hopefully you guys will meet her more often in the future."

    When asked what wedding gift he gave the newlyweds, Yam said: "I did not give Vivian a present as she already has everything she wants. It's the thought that counts."