Versatile dongle makes streaming easy


    Dec 06, 2013

    Versatile dongle makes streaming easy


    SMARTPHONE and tablet users will be happy to know that the WP720 wireless display dongle can stream videos, pictures and device screens to a big-screen TV set.

    First, connect the WP720 dongle to the TV set via a high-definition multimedia interface (all the necessary cables come with the package).

    Then, download the free Airfun app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.

    There are two ways to connect wirelessly to the dongle - either via a common Wi-Fi router or directly to the dongle.

    The rest is fairly straightforward as the app controls what is streamed from the device.

    It is possible to plug a USB flash drive or even a hard drive directly into the dongle and play back content, which turns the WP720 into a portable media player.

    Given its versatile features and the ability to play most, if not all, video codecs, the Sineoji dongle is a much better alternative for those disappointed by the severely restricted functionalities of Google's Chromecast dongle.

    How much: $119