Mar 19, 2014

    From Utah Mormon to NY fashion designer


    L'WREN Scott, who was found dead in her New York apartment on Monday, transformed herself from a Utah teenager named Luann Bambrough into a high-fashion model, then a Hollywood stylist and fashion designer.

    Scott, 49, was raised in Utah by adoptive parents who are devout Mormons. By chance, she met fashion photographer Bruce Weber who asked her to go to Paris to model.

    "I remember thinking, God, you get paid to have your picture taken?" she recalled in an interview in The New York Times.

    Her 106cm legs made her name when they featured as the clock hands in a Pretty Polly tights campaign.

    Her love of fashion began when she made her own clothes as a teenager, according to her website. As a model in Paris, Scott became more interested in making clothes than modelling them.

    She started her fashion collection eight years ago, building it on her own elegant and towering self. But she never forgot her Hollywood years as a stylist dressing the stars.

    "She pushed aside interest in what was happening in fashion trends and on the runways, and designed for women, to give them confidence with their bodies in looks that were so beautiful," said Eric Wilson, the fashion news director at InStyle magazine.

    She called her first collection Little Black Dress, and then moved into shoes, handbags and eyewear. She collaborated with Lancome on cosmetics in 2010.

    Moving to London Fashion Week in February last year, rather than showing in New York, Scott had been inspired recently by the gilded and decorative work of artist Gustav Klimt. She cancelled a planned show for her fashion label at London Fashion Week last month.

    Her partner, Mick Jagger, would attend her shows, sitting at the centre of a long table where the designer served lunch to journalists and several of her famous friends.

    Her clothes suggested a strong and feisty woman, yet she remained a very private person.